What To Expect At Your Orthopaedic Appointment

Making an orthopaedic appointment can be a little frightening, especially if you haven’t seen an orthopaedic surgeon before. The very word “surgeon” can be scary, as it implies seeing someone who’s going to tell you that you need an operation. Very often, however, surgery is only used as a last resort treatment, if all other alternative therapies fail. The sole aim of an orthopaedic surgeon or sports medicine physician is to get you back to your best as quickly as possible, without compromising on your long-term wellbeing.

Arrive Early For Your Orthopaedic Appointment

When you go for your orthopaedic appointment, it helps if you come prepared, as this makes this easier for the surgeon. This is particularly relevant if you’re a new patient. Try to arrive 10 minutes early, so you have time to fill in the necessary forms.

Bring X-Rays And Scans

xray for orthopaedic appointmentIf you’ve previously seen another specialist, or you have X-rays or other scans, it’s very important to bring these with you, as well as the written report from the radiologist. If you don’t have these, your orthopaedic surgeon may first send you for an X-ray or scan. This is the easiest and most unobtrusive way for him to see what’s going on in the area in which you’re experiencing pain.

Expect Questions

Before examining the painful area, your surgeon will ask you a number of questions, to obtain a better overall understanding of the history of the injury, how severe the pain is, whether you’ve had a similar injury before and if you have any other pain – even if it seems unrelated. You will also be asked about your overall health – do you suffer from arthritis or diabetes, for example, and are you allergic to anything.

Expect A Physical Examination

In addition to examining the painful joint, your orthopaedic surgeon may also check your blood pressure and heart rate. He may ask you to perform a range of motion tests, and could also test your limb strength and test your reflexes. Wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothing will make your appointment easier and more comfortable.

Dr Baba is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine physician. If you’d like to make an orthopaedic appointment with him at any of our three branches, please contact us today.

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