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A Specialist Sports Doctor

- Accurately Assess, and Effectively Treat Sports-related Trauma

Dr Sachin Baba is qualified sports doctor, who has helped many professional and amateur athletes recover from sports-related injuries over the years. Sachin studied and obtained his masters as a sports medicine physician through the University of Cape Town and has a deep passion for Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM).

He is able to accurately assess, and effectively treat sports-related trauma. And he offers comprehensive and quality care to active people, alleviating painful symptoms, increasing mobility and range of motion, and getting them back in the game as soon as possible.

Consulting with patients about how their recovery is progressing is of utmost importance to Sachin, and he is with them at every leg of their healing journey.

What Health in Motion Can Assist You With:

Don’t Delay, Have Your Sports Injury Seen to Straight Away!

Sports such as golf, tennis or swimming, that require repetitive movement of the arms, can cause long-term conditions such as ‘tennis elbow’ or a Glenoid Labrum Tear for example – these types of injuries can cause long term damage if not treated straight away. When it comes to more physical sports such as rugby, those once-off, high-impact injuries can lead to dislocated shoulders and rotator cuff tears, which should also be treated as soon as possible. As a sports doctor, Sachin is experienced in treating these common athletic injuries and has an excellent track record for the fast recovery of his patients.

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