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At Heart

Aligned with BMR, Health in Motion puts the interests of the patient first by recommending the best course of action for each patient – this is unmoved by financial incentive due to the practice’s sound business structure. The practice, which has been operating since 2015, strives to treat patients in the most effective manner possible and build a name that is founded on integrity and the ethical execution of treatment. 

Surgery as a Last Resort

While qualified as an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Sachin Baba believes in recommending surgery as the last resort – only for extreme cases. There are far better, less invasive, and less risky treatment alternatives (such as arthroscopy), which can help the patients recover much faster and get back to their everyday lives and activities.


A Family-Centred Approach

Health in Motion takes a holistic, family-centred approach to the treatment patients. We understand the injury of one family member greatly affects the others. And so, we like to direct the entire family in understanding what they can expect throughout the healing process and what their injured loved one may be going through, to help them better empathise and facilitate optimal recovery.

Keeping up to Date with the Latest in Orthopaedics

Dr Sachin Baba is a huge believer in continual learning and makes an effort to stay up to date with the latest advances in the field of orthopaedics. His enthusiasm for this field of medicine is evidenced in the many conferences he has been invited to present at, such as the Registrar Congress, the South African Shoulder and Elbow Society, the KZN Tennis Coaches Association, the SA Shoulder Convention and the Combined Orthopaedic Associations (COMOC) conference. 

Visit Our Practices
Locate your nearest practice to get advice and treatment. We have three practices in KwaZulu-Natal – one at Gateway Private Hospital, one at Umhlanga Medical Centre, and the other at Netcare Alberlito Hospital, where Dr Sachin Baba will gladly have you seen to aptly.
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