Reducing Risk with Minimally Invasive Treatment Removing Loose Fragments Of Bone Or Cartilage Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder Used To Treat Arthritis Repairing Damaged Cartilage

What is Arthroscopy?

- diagnose and treat joint problems

At Health in Motion, we believe in exhausting all treatment options before recommending that our patients go under the knife and subject themselves to the risks that come with surgery. One treatment alternative that we find to be highly effective and low risk, is arthroscopy. But what is arthroscopy exactly?

Arthorscopy is a minimally invasive, keyhole procedure, used to diagnose and treat joint problems. It is performed under local, general, or spinal anaesthetic, and involves inserting a thin metal tube into tiny incisions in the skin, and above the joint under examination.


How Does it Work?

This tube, called an arthroscope, is connected to a light source and video camera, which relays images to a monitor so that the orthopaedic surgeon can see what’s going on. The size of the arthroscope varies depending on which joint is being examined. For small joints, such as wrists, the scope can be as small as two millimetres!

Surgical instruments that will be used to repair the injury are inserted through another small hole, close to the one used for the arthroscope.

The procedure can also be used to aspirate the joint (withdraw fluid). Thereafter, it’s analysed to help provide additional information in situations where a simple visual diagnosis wasn’t possible.

Benefits of Arthroscopy

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is effective in diagnosing and/or treating many problems, the most common of which are: 

Removing loose fragments of bone or cartilage.
Treating carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, and arthritis.
Repairing damaged cartilage.
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We hope that we’ve sufficiently answered the question, ‘what is arthroscopy?’ However, if you need further clarity and have any more questions, please feel free to ask us.
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