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Dr Sachin Baba, the face of Health in Motion, specialises in sports medicine, trauma orthopaedics, and in treating issues relating to the upper extremitiesHoming in on this area of concern, he has been able to master this area of medicine and treatment and has developed a reputation as a warmfriendly orthopaedic surgeon and for being the man to go to for shoulder, elbow, and wrist injury treatment. 

Dr Baba’s practice is situated in Gateway Private Hospital, in Umhlanga, and his areas of operation include Mount Edgecombe and Ballito – areas which are highly accessible for all his patientsPatients can have their injuries physically seen to at these multiple locations, for their convenience. 


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The idea of treatment or surgery (in the worst cases) can be scary for many patients, but we often find that the more they learn about their injury and the treatment of it, the better equipped they are to handle it. We talk our patients through every step of the process and explain what they can do to aid in their own healing and recovery.

What You Need to Know Before Surgery:
• Patients need to starve for 6 hours before surgery: this includes no food or drinks.
• You may take chronic medications on the day of surgery but HAVE to STOP any blood thinners including but not limited to:
• If your theatre is planned for the morning, kindly be at the hospital by 06:00 to be admitted to the ward. This timing allows time for bloods/ecg and any other investigations, that may be required before your surgery, to be completed timeously.
• If theatre is planned for the afternoon, please try to be at the hospital by 10:00.

If you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarity.

We are contracted with most major medical aids, such as Discovery Classic and Keycare, Bankmed, Nedgroup and Momentum. We are also contracted with workman’s compensation (WCA), SANDF, and Polmed. However, we advise you to check what your medical aid will and won’t cover, as well as which orthopaedic practices it is affiliated with before scheduling an appointment.  


A. Whilst some injuries can only be treated with surgery, there are a vast array of injuries that may have similar outcomes without surgery. Non operative management firstly begins with the patient understanding the pathology and clear endpoints at which a deviation to surgery may occur.  

B. Non operative management components include: skillful neglect, bracing or plaster of paris application,  or referral to Physiotherapists/biokineticists/chiropractors/occupational therapists. 

Not all injuries/conditions require surgery. All orthopaedic surgeons are trained to distinguish cases that may heal well and allow the patient to return to normal functioning with non-operative care. Non-operative care, at times, is more taxing for surgeons, however it is the management that is in the patients’ best interests. 

This depends on the injury and the severity of it. In general, you can expect a full recovery of around 6-9 months.

A Proud BMR Partner
Health in Motion is proudly associated with the Dr Baba is a full partner and contributing member. This group consists of a network of 11 surgeons across KwaZulu-Natal, benefitting patients by allowing them to locate a specialist surgeon in Durban for their unique injury. Patients further benefit through this group with top quality referrals, more affordable medical bills, specialist medical advice and timeous bookings.

Dr Sachin Baba

Dr Baba is a compassionate and attentive health practitioner who genuinely cares about his patients and their wellbeing. He has a passion for guiding his patients towards optimal recovery and seeing them go from strength to strength.

Sachin’s area of specialty lies in sports, upper extremity and trauma orthopaedics. He studied and obtained his masters as a sports medicine physician through the University of Cape Town and later on, discovered a niche in upper extremity orthopaedics through his studies at UKZN.
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