Why It’s Important to See a Shoulder Specialist Straight Away

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When it comes to a shoulder injury, it’s important to address it straight away, and seek the help of a shoulder specialist. A GP should not be the only professional you visit to treat your injury. If your doc refers you to an orthopaedic, you should not hesitate to set up an appointment with them, as they will be a massive help in your healing journey.

We’ve listed a few reasons why you should consider seeing an orthopaedic specialist below.

Accurate Assessments

Specialists usually spend 9 years or more studying in their medical field. Their extensive medical knowledge and access to a wide range of advanced screening equipment allows them to quickly and accurately diagnose your issue.

It Can Save You in the Long Run

While specialist fees may be steep, especially if you don’t have medical aid, they can save you money in the long run because they usually get your diagnosis right the first time around, allowing you to start feeling better sooner, as you can get straight to treatment. This, as opposed to hopping from GP to GP to find a solution, is often far more cost effective.

In-Depth Explanations

The in-depth biological and scientific understanding that specialists have, puts them in a better position to explain your injury of illness to you, what you can expect with treatment or surgery, and what types of options are available to you (as well as the risks and side-effects).

Improved Recovery

Specialists are able to provide more comprehensive treatment options for patients that aid in their healing process. They are also far more familiar with healing processes for specific injuries and can better advise you as to when you should be concerned and when you need to take immediate or more intensive action (for example, surgery). With this knowledge, they can also help minimise the risk of any permanent damage.

As a Durban shoulder specialist, Dr Sachin is well-versed in upper extremity injuries. His focus and dedication to his work have led him to present at the South African Shoulder and Elbow Society, the SA Shoulder Convention, and the Combined Orthopaedic Associations Conference. The up-to-date knowledge gained from such events, and his connection to the BMR network (a network of Durban’s top orthopaedic specialists), allows him to give his patients top-class treatment and care. Book a visit today if you’d like to start feeling better.

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