We are now offering teleconsulting as a service

To assist you with your orthopaedic needs, such a pain management or restored physical mobility, during lockdown, we’re now offering teleconsults as a service.
What this means is that we can now assist you with a consult online via a video call or a regular call. Kindly note, that if – during this process – we uncover a particular concern that needs to be addressed further, we can arrange a formal consult in our rooms.

Please feel free to contact us via email to talk to us about these new services.

At Health In Motion, we are so privileged to have Dr Sachin Baba as our orthopaedic surgeon in Umhlanga and Ballito. This highly qualified, yet deeply humble and approachable man has been with the practice since 2015. During this time, he has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues, and the trust, gratitude and loyalty of the many hundreds of patients he’s treated.

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Dr Baba holds a medical degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal, as well as supplementary qualifications in Sports and Exercise Medicine, and Orthopaedics. But over and above these impressive qualifications, Dr Baba is a caring and compassionate man. He is also a fervent believer in the healing power of family.

“Thank you most sincerely for all the help, medical care and attention you have given to Joshua.  Thank you also for your untiring attention you have given my family.  Knowing that you are there for us has made this all so much easier.”

Dr. John Henwood

Whenever he treats a patient who requires surgery or long-term rehabilitative care, he always takes the time to discuss treatment options with both the patient and their family. He believes wholeheartedly that the support of loved ones is as important to the overall recovery of the patient as their medical treatment.

“Dr Baba is a great guy. He explained everything to me as to what was going to happen and always kept my wife in the loop. Even taking her cellphone number to be able to contact her straight after the surgery. He was exceptional.”

Keegan Daniel
Sharks Rugby player

As an orthopaedic surgeon in Umhlanga, Dr. Baba specialises in sports, upper extremity and trauma orthopaedics. He is intensely focused on what he does, and his expertise and dedication to his work have not gone unnoticed. He has been invited to present at various prestigious events, including the Registrar Congress, the South African Shoulder and Elbow Society, the KZN Tennis Coaches Association, the SA Shoulder Convention and the Combined Orthopaedic Associations (COMOC) conference.

Trust Dr Baba to treat your sports-related or other orthopaedic injuries. You don’t have to be in pain – contact us today.

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