We are now offering teleconsulting as a service

To assist you with your orthopaedic needs, such a pain management or restored physical mobility, during lockdown, we’re now offering teleconsults as a service.
What this means is that we can now assist you with a consult online via a video call or a regular call. Kindly note, that if – during this process – we uncover a particular concern that needs to be addressed further, we can arrange a formal consult in our rooms.

Please feel free to contact us via email to talk to us about these new services.


Effective, Specialised, Directed.

Joint pain, elbow and shoulder treatments, arthroscopy.

Comprehensive treatment of joint pain, sports damage and trauma. Care for the whole family.



Many people believe that when you have ongoing pain, swelling, inflammation or other painful symptoms occurring as a result of sports injuries or arthritis, surgery is your only option. At Health In Motion, we disagree. We believe in exploring all medically sound options first, only resorting to surgery as a last choice.

We conduct thorough and comprehensive assessments to help us tailor-make a treatment plan best suited to you. We understand that living with pain, arthritis, joints injuries or other symptoms can be exhausting and frustrating, so we will do our best to restore you to optimal health as quickly as possible.


The most used joints in daily life are also the most frequently injured. Pain, inflammation and swelling can be easily treated after a thorough assessment. We take a conservative approach to treatment, meaning we don’t rush into medically intrusive or invasive measures such as surgery. Patients will undergo assessments as well as counselling on their condition and the expected recovery time.

Our specialist orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Baba, trained as a sports medicine physician so is able to accurately assess, and effectively treat sports-related trauma. He offers comprehensive and quality care to active people, alleviating painful symptoms and getting them back in the game.

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in order to diagnose and treat problems such as ongoing pain or inflammation caused by sports injuries or arthritis.

The word comes from the Greek ‘arthro’, which means joint, and ‘scopy’ which means to look. Anticipated recovery time and exercises will be advised to all patients and their families.

I really wanted to thank all those involved in the day that i broke my arm. From start to finish my experience was incredible. The guys from ER24, Kenneth and Vicky, who made the trip from Mlazi to Gateway a good one. To all of the staff at Gateway hospital, who were accommodating , from my friends who visited at crazy hours , to making me toasted sarms when I was hungry. Meeting Dr Baba, what a great guy. He explained everything to me as to what was going to happen and always kept my wife in the loop. Even taking her cellphone number to be able to contact her straight after the surgery. He was exceptional. Then I need to thank you, Pippa. Sometimes as pro sportsman we take for granted how all of the arrangements are made and how we are fitted into busy hospital schedules. Thank you for all your frantic calls to get me the ambulance and get me the room and arranging the surgeon. Thanks again for everything.

Sharks Rugby player, SHARKS

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